The Furls Promise

At Furls Fiberarts, we are committed to providing you with the most exquisite and luxurious fiber art tools and notions that elevate your crafting experience to new heights. We stand behind our products and their ability to enhance your comfort, beauty, and creativity.  

We are committed to delivering on the following promises: 


Enhanced Comfort

Our products are designed to minimize hand fatigue and pain, making your crafting sessions more enjoyable and prolonged.

Even Stitches

Experience more consistent and even stitches while using our tools, ensuring the highest quality in your creations.

Beauty and Functionality

Furls takes pride in merging aesthetics with superior functionality across all our products, ensuring an elevated crafting experience.

Overall Enjoyment

We aim to enhance your crafting journey by providing tools that not only perform exceptionally but also make the process more enjoyable.



Transitioning to Ergonomic Tools

We acknowledge that transitioning from traditional crochet hooks to ergonomic Furls hooks might have a learning curve that varies from person to person. We recommend utilizing our generous 90-day guarantee to become accustomed to your new tools and assess your comfort level accurately.


Returns Process

If you find that we have not fulfilled our promise within 90 days, we encourage you to initiate a return. You can opt for a full refund or choose Furls credit as an alternative. 

Initiating a Return
To begin the return process, please email customer support at Please include your order number and any relevant information.


If it is outside of the 90 days you may still be able to return your product for a store credit. Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee for full details. 

Furls also replaces any broken items for a period of three years after purchase. Please see our Breakage Policy for full details.



Updated 04/05/2024