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At Furls Crochet, we believe that every thread of purpose leads to a masterpiece. Our journey is one of passion and precision, guided by the core tenets of innovation, inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, masterful craftsmanship, unwavering integrity, boundless creativity, and transparent accountability. We don't just create tools; we shape experiences.

As we embark together on this creative expedition, we invite you to explore our policies, designed to reflect the same dedication to excellence that we weave into every crochet project. From the Furls Promise that stands as a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction, to our meticulous return policies and beyond, each policy on this page resonates with the threads that compose our mission.

In every stitch, in every tool, we strive to elevate the world of crochet, ensuring that every creation is a symphony of excellence and that every artisan finds themselves embraced by a profound sense of belonging.

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Risk-Free Shopping

The Furls Promise

Furls Satisfaction Guarantee

Furls Breakage Policy 


Return, Replacement, Refund Policies

Free Gift Policy

Furls Yarn Return Policy


Shipping Policies

Furls Shipping Policy

Furls Uninsured Packages Policy

Package Protection for Orders Through Route

Furls Incorrect Order or Address Policy


Discounts and Final Sales

Furls Discount Policy 

Furls Final Sale Policy- Discontinued Products

Furls Final Sale Policy- Imperfect Products (Including Seconds and Misfits)


Reselling Policies

Furls No Unauthorized Resale Policy

Preventing Price Gouging

Additional Resources

General Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon)

Holiday Specific Frequent Asked Questions

Furls Hook Comparison Guide




Updated August 23, 2023