Furls Uninsured Package Policy

Furls Crochet offers an optional Route Packaging Protection service to customers at checkout. This service is designed to ensure the safe delivery of packages. While Route Packaging Protection is automatically selected at checkout, customers have the choice to decline this protection.

By declining, customers acknowledge that Furls Crochet will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen packages associated with their order.

Coverage Details

Package Protection for Orders Through Route provides a replacement or refund for any lost, stolen or damaged packages. 

Automatic Selection

Route Packaging Protection is automatically added to the order total at checkout. However, customers have the discretion to decline this protection if they wish.

Acknowledgment of Declined Protection

Customers who opt to decline Route Packaging Protection acknowledge and accept that Furls Crochet assumes no liability for any issues arising from lost, damaged, or stolen packages related to their order.

Coverage Limitations

The extent of coverage provided by Route Packaging Protection is governed by the terms and conditions set forth by Route. Customers are encouraged to review Route's coverage details for a comprehensive understanding of coverage limits and the claims process.

Important Note

Customers are advised to carefully consider their decision to decline Route Packaging Protection, as doing so relinquishes any recourse against Furls Crochet for package-related issues. Customers who proceed with declining protection should be aware that Furls Crochet will not provide compensation, replacement, or refunds for packages affected by loss, damage, or theft.


This Uninsured Package Policy serves to outline the nature of the optional Route Packaging Protection service offered by Furls Crochet. Customers who choose to decline this protection assume full responsibility for any potential package-related complications and understand that Furls Crochet cannot be held accountable for such situations.

Please review the full details of Route Package Protection, including how to file a claim, here.

Route's Terms and Conditions can be found here.



Updated 09/05/2023