Furls Crochet | Free Gift Policy

From time to time, Furls Crochet delights its customers with Free Gifts. These are tokens of our appreciation and represent our commitment to enhancing the crochet experience for our valued customers. The gifts are subject to specific policies, which are elucidated below.

The various modes through which Free Gifts can be earned are:

Free Gift with Specific Product Purchase
Certain products might come with an exclusive Free Gift. This is our way of adding a delightful bonus to some of your favorite crochet items.

    Free Gift Based on Cart Value or Quantity
    Occasionally, we may offer free gifts once your total cart value reaches a specific threshold or a minimum number of products are purchased.

      Surprise Free Gift
      Occasionally, we love to surprise our customers! This means you might find an unexpected treat in your order just because we value and appreciate you.


        Free Gift Fulfillment Guidelines

        • Products qualifying for a free gift will be clearly mentioned on their respective product pages.
        • It's crucial for customers to manually add the free gift to their cart unless otherwise specified.
        • Depending on the promotion, customers might need to apply a promo code at checkout to avail of the free gift. In some cases, the promo code might be applied automatically.
        • It is the onus of the customer to ensure that the free gift is added to the cart and discounted appropriately.
        • If the free gift is inadvertently missed during the order process, we recommend contacting our customer care immediately. If the order has already been processed when the oversight is reported, we regrettably cannot include the missed gift.
        • In cases where the free gift is added to the cart but not discounted, our customer care team will be happy to refund the purchase price of the gift, provided it is communicated within a week of the package’s arrival.
        • Should any issues arise regarding free gifts, kindly email our dedicated customer support at support@furlscrochet.com at your earliest convenience.
        • Note: To enhance customer satisfaction, we are implementing a hold on all free gift orders for 24 hours before fulfillment. This provides a window for any necessary corrections or adjustments.

        Damaged Gifts
        • If a free gift arrives damaged or faulty within the first 90 days of receipt, we will replace it.
        • Should the original free gift item be out of stock or unavailable, it will be replaced with an item of equal or lesser value of Furls’ choice.
        • After 90 days from the order date, no free gift replacements will be provided.
        • Should the gift not arrive with your package, the exact replacement policy will apply.

        No Monetary Value
        • Free gifts have no cash value.
        • They cannot be exchanged for cash, nor will any amount be refunded or deducted from the purchase price on account of the free gift.

        Returns and Refunds
        • If a customer chooses to return a purchased product accompanied by a free gift, the free gift must also be returned unless stated otherwise.
        • Failure to return the free gift will result in an adjustment to the refund amount. The adjustment will reflect the value of the free gift as per its regular retail price (either with or without a discount applied).
        • Products that come with free gifts will have a link to this policy and will mention the value of the associated free gift.

        Changes to this Policy
        • Furls Crochet reserves the right to update or amend this Free Gift Policy without notice.
        • We recommend customers regularly check this policy for any changes.

        Discrepancies & Queries
        • In case of any discrepancies or queries related to the free gift, kindly contact our customer service team. We’re here to assist you and ensure your Furls Crochet experience is seamless.

        Limitation on Liability
        • Furls Crochet shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages related to the provision or use of free gifts. Our liability shall be limited to replacing the free gift per the abovementioned terms.

        This policy is designed to clarify the terms and conditions associated with the free gifts provided by Furls Crochet. We value our customers immensely and aim to make your crochet journey delightful. We thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.