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At Furls Crochet, our commitment to sustainability deeply influences our ethos. In the intricate dance of craftsmanship, there are moments when products bear unique characteristics, each with its own tale.  

Our Final Sale for Imperfect Products not only provides our cherished community the opportunity to own these distinct pieces at a special rate but also reflects our dedication to reducing waste and preventing these valuable items from being discarded into landfills.  

In offering these products, we intertwine our mission for environmental responsibility with our promise of quality, ensuring that every purchase supports a greener, more sustainable future.

Seconds - Streamline Resin hooks that fall short of our aesthetic standards, but remain fully functional in terms of use and ergonomics. These unique hooks showcase our commitment to quality but with a touch of individuality. 

At Furls Crochet, we believe in offering value while upholding our commitment to sustainability and quality.

Recognizing that every product has its unique journey in the craftsmanship process, some items may deviate slightly from our aesthetic standards. While fully functional, these less-than-perfect products are offered to our community at a lowered retail price. 

Please note: Products are priced as shown, and no other discounts can be applied to our Imperfect Products. 

We prioritize accurately representing our imperfect products through detailed descriptions or images to the best of our abilities.

"Seconds" based on aesthetic appearance are subject to objective interpretation by the Quality Assurance team. The views of the Quality Assurance Team and the customer are not guaranteed to align.

All imperfect items are sold "as is." Furls commits to disclosing any imperfections that might be present.

All sales of Imperfect Products items are final and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Our dedicated warehouse team carefully packages your orders with the utmost care and affection, ensuring they're snug and secure for their journey to your doorstep. Despite our loving efforts, there are rare occasions when a product may encounter a few bumps and bruises somewhere between our home and yours, arriving in a less-than-perfect condition.

If your imperfect product arrives damaged, please contact our Customer Service team within seven days of receipt. We will assess the situation and offer a replacement if available, a refund, or a store credit accordingly.

Damaged Products
Furls Uninsured Package Policy may apply if Package Protection for Orders Through Route was not selected at checkout. 

Please see our Breakage Policy for more details.


For any concerns about your imperfect product purchase, please email