Makers of Color | Jonah Larson

Makers of Color | Jonah Larson

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Hello Furls Fans,

Welcome to week 4 of the Furls' Black History Month Makers of Color series.

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Today we are chatting with a very popular young man! 


Jonah Larson is a 12 year old crochet prodigy from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. His infectious enthusiasm and commitment to giving back has earned him a worldwide following. His story has been featured in hundreds of articles including: The New York Times, The Times of London, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, People and USA Today. He has appeared on the Today Show, Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and news broadcasts around the globe. He most recently landed a position as a regular correspondent on The Drew Barrymore Show and is their resident book reviewer. At age 11, Jonah authored his first book called “Hello, Crochet Friends!”. His second book called “Giving Back Crochet” was released June 2020. He also released a “Learn to Crochet with Jonah” DVD and teaches both kids and adults how to make beautiful items with yarn and a hook. Jonah is most proud of his philanthropic work and has funded his first Jonah’s Hands Library in Ethiopia in the rural village where he was born. He also built those same children a science lab which is now filled with the furniture and equipment needed to help kids learn effectively. Jonah has been featured on Kamala Harris’ Facebook page for his community service. He was just announced as one of Scholastic’s most inspirational kids of 2020. His most popular phrase is “Crochet Brings The World Together One Stitch At a Time”.

Deveter - After reading your bio I need to reevaluate my life! Jonah thank you so much for agreeing to take time out of your VERY busy schedule to chat with us here at Furls Fiberarts. We love seeing every video you post to your blog and social media holding your Andromeda hook!!!  Is it safe to say that’s one of your favorite Furls tools?

Jonah - Yes, my favorites are the Streamline Swirl Galaxy


Deveter - We love seeing and hearing that. What are five words that best describe you? 

Jonah - Fiber Artist , Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Inclusive, Family

Deveter - Those are the exact words we would use just from reading your bio! It’s Black History month and as you know we are shining a light on makers of color during this month. As a person of color, how has crocheting impacted your life? 

Jonah - I have been able to show kids and adults alike that they can cross societal boundaries and be successful at doing what they love. I’m also able to use my platform to share  thoughts that are important to me by making statement blankets. 

Deveter - Your blankets are AMAZING! I especially love your honeycomb blanket! Finish the sentence … “If I couldn’t crochet, I would … 

Jonah “If I couldn’t crochet, I would knit!

Deveter - I’m sure you would be a fantastic knitter! I would love to see how your cables looked in knit compared to crochet! What is the number one reason that you crochet?

Jonah - I enjoy it. It makes me happy.

Deveter - Your quickly moving hands while you crochet and that incredible smile shows it! Finally, What makes your crochet unique and special? What is the mission of your business/ art?

Jonah - I like to use my art to help improve the education of kids on the rural area of Ethiopia where I was born. I’ve built them a library and science lab and now look to build them an area for outdoor activities like soccer and basketball.

Jonah thank you again for chatting with us. This interviewer was super stoked to chat with you.

I hope this interview helped you learn something new about Jonah, through his inspiring story and incredible gift. Please check him out (like, follow and share) on social media; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and click the link for his blog to support his endless endeavors, especially his Go Fund Me for the library in Ethiopia.    

Thank you all for going on this journey with me during Black History Month. Be sure to visit Maker Stories often as we will bring new talent to you monthly.

Until next time…

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